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Subs (Submersible Vessels)

Do you have an interest in submersible vessels (subs)? Maybe even some experience? Do you like scuba-diving or/and snorkelling? What is your attitude towards swimming in the shark territory?

We do not have any experience yet, but we do have a keen interest. And we want to do something about it. Actually, together we can do it better. If you like challenges of this kind, here are not one, but two (and if these things do not interest you, just ignore this page).

There are actually two very specific and very bold initiatives, and we would like to invite you to take part in the active discussions and an exchange of ideas on design and construction:

  1. Quest No.1: Personal Sub:

    The concept we have in mind at this stage is a personal, open (wet), light yet strong, hydrodynamic cage-like enclosure that could be used while snorkelling to provide a total shark protection even from the greatest white pointers (the big white). The complete unit should be light, easy to carry on dry land by one person, easy to assemble. Optionally, compressed air tanks and diving gear could be fitted, and as an additional extra some underwater driving unit, to increase the autonomy and turn it into a true sub.

    If you have done some snorkelling, imagine having a total protection from sudden shark attack around you while on the surface, yet the whole thing so flexible and with very slight buoyancy, that you can easily bend down and dive 5-20 m (or as much as your personal fitness allows), spend a minute or so below, and come back to the surface, carrying the whole thing around you all the time, safely protected. In its basic form, you would provide all the drive with your fins. As the whole thing would consist of only a few "ribs" around you, you would have your mask and your wetsuit on.

    We are aware of the steel-mesh suits, and the concepts of making them even stronger by using kevlar. Firstly, these suits are too heavy for snorkelling, suitable only for divers who carry breathing gear and buoyancy vests. Second, the steel-mesh suits are not strong enough to protect the diver from the big white. And even the strongest kevlar suit would not matter much if the pressure inside generated by the big sharp teeth turns everything into shapeless pulp.

    The concept would be to have around enough stainless steel (or similar) ribs at some distance from your body, that nothing big can come near enough to bite you. And if a big shark grabs the cage and starts pulling and shaking it (and you inside), at least you would have a good sporting chance to hit it into a sensitive spot (eye, gills, tip of the nose) and convince it that you are not an easy lunch. If the protective cage around you is well designed in shape, and has some sharp projections on outside to discourage biting... well, you get the idea.

    What do you think?

    If you think it is a silly idea, we know that already. Still, there must be a good way we humans can match those beautiful, wild, dangerous, highly capable sharks in the water, their natural environment for which they are perfectly adapted. We do have bigger brains, right?!

  2. Quest No.2: Personal Gills:

    If the above Quest No.1 looked silly and impossible to you, we might be strongly testing your patience here. Yet, we simply do not understand why someone has not put more serious effort into this to develop a personal underwater breathing apparatus, some kind of "gills" that would extract oxygen from the water around the diver and give a great autonomy. There is enough oxygen there for creatures much bigger than a human being. Why can't we use it? Why do we carry big, heavy and cumbersome compressed air tanks, and lots of other gear with them?

    The man has been on the Moon. We have rather advanced technology, there is so much the human race can do. Yet this, rather basic (and rather important) research has been greatly ignored. It should be possible. And it would mean so much.

    Would you agree?

    This is only an initiative to research this subject properly together. We might be able to come up with a solution. Just imagine swimming with the fish in the blue 3D, breathing freely, eyes wide open...

These are only two initiatives, invitations to discussion and team work.

Add Your Ideas and Experiences

You might have some other ideas. Share them with us. Together we know more. We just might be able to come up with a solution.

Any material you submit and is accepted will be published on this site. You will get the full credit for your contribution to the extent you wish.

This site is still very young. The forum is the proper place for discussions. There will be also a more effective mechanism for you to add your texts and graphics/pictures. For now, you can contact us here (or use the Mail button in the header menu).


Together we know more. Together we can do more, and do it better.
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