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4Aero Hydrodynamics of SailingC. A. Marchaj701bA complete analysis of the forces acting on a sailing yacht, both above and below water. The fundamental factors governing a hull's behaviour, the principles of aero- and hydrodynamics, and details of new research into the behavious of sails. This is a major theoretical.00
11Aluminium BoatbuildingErnest H. Sims120bA practical guide for designers and builders of aluminium boats. The advantages of building in aluminium - the weight savings, inherent strength and minimal maintenance - as well as the limitations in comparison with other materials. The machinery, tools, techniques and skills required are detailed, along with setting-up procedures, painting and dealing with corrosion and repairs to hulls.00
30Ashley Book of Knots, TheClifford W. Ashley620bEvery practical knot - what it looks like, who uses it, where it comes from and how to tie it. Over 3800 knots and 7000 drawings.00
26Boat ElectricsJohn Watney160bThe basic requirement is knowing how to maintain the electrics to minimise emergencies, but we must also know how to deal with them when they arise. As often as not, the repair is simple - if you know how to cope. All the principal boat electrical systems are described.00
31Boat Repair Manual, TheGeorge Buchanan312bThere are always things to do on a boat - and a cost of repairs and maintenance can present the owner with real problems. This book exposes the whole area of reapair work on boats ranging from yachts to catamarans, dinghies, tenders and motorboats. The detailed explanations and diagrams permit the amateur to aim for professional results and also to judge when a job is beyond his personal skills.00
6Boat Repairs, Do-it-yourselfJim Murrant192bHow to repair damage to your boat's hull, to the rigging and the mast, and how to deal with steering and winch problems. Preventive maintenance for pumps and plumbing, and how to identify and repair engine and electrical faults. Techniques for welding, working with woodm stainless steel andfiberglass. Illustrations of marine equipment.00
44Boat Strength, The Elements ofDave Gerr352bAcclaimed author and naval architect Dave Gerr created this unique system of easy-to-use scantling rules and rules of thumb for calculating the necessary dimensions, or scantlings, of hulls, decks, and other boat parts, whether built of fiberglass, wood, wood-epoxy composite, steel, or aluminum. An in-depth, plain-English discussion on boatbuilding materials, methods, and practices that will guide you through all aspects of boat construction.00
24Choosing a Cruising Sailboat, The Complete Guide toRoger Marshall214bWhat do you look for when you set out to find your ideal boat? Do you look for a boat that can carry you and your family safely? For a boat that can carry you to the far-off lands? For a boat at the right price. A boat is probably one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make, next to your home. Getting a boat that best suits your purposes is difficult; it takes knowledge and a lot of work.00
41Columbus Venture, TheRobin Knox-Johnston208bThe voyage of Cristopher Columbus in 1492 is one of the most significant journeys ever made by man. It has had an enormous impact on the modern world. But how did Columbus, who was not a trained navigator, manage to make his way across the Atlantic Ocean and return safely to Spain?And, where did he make his first landfall in the New World?00
22Cruiser Sailing Handbook, CollinsPeter Gurnell & Norman Bezzant352bOne can not learn how to sail from a book. This book sets out the facts and principles with which a coastal cruising skipper needs to be familiar and which form the basis of seamanship for the yachtsman. An excellent introduction to the challenges at the sea. The book focuses on sail booats, yet many of the basics are also essential to the power boat skipper.00
37Cruising Rigs and RiggingRoss Norgrove322bHow to choose the best rig for a particular vessel. Details of spar construction, sail arrangement, standing and running rigging and fittings of all kinds, all the way down to installing radio antennas and lightning rods where they won't interfere with rigging. The nuts and bolts are all here.00
19Design a Boat, How toJohn Teale156bThere is nothing magical or outstandingly clever about designing a boat, or even sketching out the sort of craft that appeals to you. Thisd book will take you step-by-step through the stages of designing both power and sailing boats, explaining the reasons behind the procedures and using sketches and reproductions of working drawings.00
3Design of Sailing Yachts, ThePierre Gutelle208bThe principles and practice of sailing yacht design. The air, wind, water and wave, The theory of aero- and hydrodynamics, friction, form drag, cavitation and viscosity. Equilibrium, transverse and longitudinal stability of sailing yachts. The power and ability of various rigs. A yacht at sea, heeling, pitching, rolling, yaw, their combination and prevention.00
8Eskimo RollingDerek C. Hutchinson134bThere is no mystique about learning the Eskimo roll. It is simply a matter of making the right move at the right time. Eskimo rolling is one of the most ancient of kayaking skills - an essential survival technique that allows you to right yourself after capsizing without ever leaving the boat.00
5Finely Fitted Yacht, The; Volumes I and IIFerenc Mate605bHow to enhance the usefulness, safety and beauty of your boat. An addendum to the highly successful 'From a Bare Hull', it contains over 200 projects that will enrich the beauty and usefulness of any yacht. The author discusses the required tools and treatment of needed materials, analysing in detail the purpose of each undertaking.00
21From a Bare HullFerenc Mate443bThe first edition sold in over 100,000 copies, has become the reference for home builders and some professionals. This revised edition contains much new content, new specs for the best sailboats available for home completion. Every 'how to' aspect of fiberglass boat building.00
20Gougeon Brothers on Boat ConstructionGougeon Borthers297bWood & WEST System (TM Gougeon Brothers) materials applied in boatbuilding. Detailed review of all steps, tools and techniques. An encyclopedia of boatbuilding in wood using epoxy.00
34Illustrated Dictionary of Nautical Terms, TheGraham Blackburn349bAn illustrated reference to nautical terms with more than 2500 alphabetical entries, often cross-referenced. Includes names, terms, parts, and expressions of and relating to the sea and the vessels that sail it.00
38KayakCraftTed Moores177bKayakCraft is the culmination of years of teaching, boatbuilding, and writing experience. The building process of the popular Steve Killing design Endevour 17. The lines and offsets to build Endevour, plus 3 other strip-built kayaks. The tips and techniques. Ensure that a first-time boatbuilder can create a boat with truly professional results.00
28Knot Handbook, TheMaria Constantino256bA complete guide to tying and using knots for all situations. Includes fully illustrated step-by-step instructions on how to tie each knot.00
29Knots and RopeworkEric C. Fry98bRichly illustrated; the hands manipulating the rope might be your own. Unlike boat design, there have been no sensational developments in ropework, but presentation can be improved and this book has done that.00
13LionheartJesse Martin300bOn 31 October 1999, at he age of just eighteen, Jesse Martin sailed into the record books in his yacht Lionheart by becomiung the youngest person ever to sail solo, non-stop and unassisted around the world. Lionheart is Jesse's story. A story of courage, loneliness and danger, it is also an incredible, gripping, true-life adventure.00
17Marine Diesel EnginesNigel Calder153bMaintenance, troubleshooting, and repair. Be your own diesel mechanic. If you own a small marine diesel engine that you depend on - at least occasionally - to start in a timely fashion and to push your sail or power boat in the desired direction for the desired period of time, this book was written for you.00
9Metal BoatsBruce Roberts-Goodson208bIf you have an interest in boatbuilding, sail or power, in steel, aluminium or copper-nickel, you will find the information you are looking for in this book.00
25Metal Corrosion in BoatsNigel Warren224bCorrosion is a very real threat to safety at sea that can cause instant catastrophe. This book covers the many metals used inc construction and fittings on smaller boats, different types of corrosion and the behaviour of these metals in various combinations and corrosive conditions. The prevention of metal corrosion in hulls, engines, rigging and fittings is described.00
45Nature of Boats, TheDave Gerr418bRead this book on a cruise and you'll be trying out the ideas presented before you reach port; read it in the off-season and you'll soon cover the dinner table with sketches of your next boat. - American Sailor This book offers, in disarmingly charming fashion, a look at all aspects of what makes a boat work... If you are not nautically obsessed prior to reading this book, you will most certainly be afterward. - Sailing00
40Nautical Terms, The Facts on File Dictionary ofThompson Lenfestey541bThe sea embraces a wide variety of disciplines each with its own unique assortment of terms and usages. These terms differ not only from vessel to vessel, whether iron or fiberglass, sail or diesel, but between the trades in which they sail. A wealth of information, much of which is not easily found even in professional publications.00
36Ocean Sailing Yacht, TheDonald M. Street, Jr.703bA truly encyclopedic work. Anyone interested in boats and the sea would profit by reading it - and keeping it aboard. It should be required reading for anyone contemplating either the purchase or outfitting of such craft, before venturing offshore. - Carleton Mitchell00
33Propeller HandbookDave Gerr152bThe Complete Reference for Choosing, Installing and Understanding Boat Propellers - Why won't your engine reach top rated RPMs? - Why is your propeller shaft vibrating? - Why doesn't your boat reach claimed speed? - Will changed propeller pitch be better? - Is a square wheel pitch best? - Is a folding prop best for your purposes? Should you choose a two-, three-, or four-bladed propeller?00
14Sailing Alone Around the World and Voyage of the LiberdadeJoshua Slocum384bOne of the great stories of the world. Perhaps the best story of its kind ever written. A maritime epic. For the amateur Sailor of any age it is all pure gold. So long as men sail the seas they will be interested in that first single-handed circumnavigation and will wish to read the book in which the story of that voyage is told.00
39SailsJeremy Howard-Williams409bThe book examines the use and care of sails from almost every aspect which could be required by owners, crews, helmsmen and amateur or professional sailmakers alike, including discussionon the influence and effects of the IOR on sails.00
7Sea Kayaking, The Complete Book ofDerek C. Hutchinson209bA comprehensive guide for the beginner and an invaluable reference book for the experienced. It describes equipment, basic and advanced techniques (including those for rolling and for rescues), weather and navigation. Choosing a kayak and paddles. A new deepwater rescue method, dealing with mudflats and quicksand, and how to compile your own local weather chart.00
23Seafaring in the Twentieth CenturyConway Maritime Press224bWritten by a select team of prominent maritime experts, The Conway History of Seafaring in the Twentieth Century draws together all the nautical events and achievements of the last century - naval, commercial and recreational. It explores the advances brought on by the two world wars and the dramatic changes in merchant shipping and passenger liners.00
1Shipshape, The Art of Sailboat MaintenanceFerenc Mate416bThe complete, step-by-step manual of sail-boat maintenance. The fourty-three chapters cover everything from hauling out, to upkeep and repair of sailboats and their equipment.00
2Steel AwayLeCain W. Smith, Sheilla Moir431bA guidebook to the world of steel sailboats. Includes a directory of designers and builders working in steel.00
15Strip Built Sea Kayak, TheNick Schade202bStrip-building is the most flexible, forgiving, and attractive way to build a small boat. The author presents the step-by-step building process of building a strip-built kayak, together with the complete plans and measurements for three beautiful kayaks.00
12The BoatLothar-Gunther Buchheim480bThe tense, shadowy world of a German U-Boat submarine at war. The claustrophobic periods under water - the weeks of boredom, frustration and fruitless patrols, interspersed with hours of terrifying attacks; the sense of helplessness of being a sitting target for any marauding enemy destroyer; the sheer discomfort of the cramped, stinking living quarters in the bowels of the ship. The war from 'the other side' - and the men who fought it are no less brave, no less tough and no less human. 'The most moving novel about the ocean war since The Cruel Sea' Sunday Express)00
42Time on Ice, A Winter Voyage to AntarticaDeborah Shapiro and Rolf Bjelke290bTo the early mapmakers it was Terra Incognita, and it remains a remote, brooding presence, more mythic than real, its mystery only deepened by the legendary journeys of Shackleton, Amundsen, and Scott. Deborah Shapiro and Rolf Bjelke pushed their small sailboat into the depths of an Antartic winter, accepting complete isolation to experience the sublime majesty of earth's last great wilderness.00
43Understanding Boat DesignTed Brewer147bThis book is a place to look for quick, uncomplicated answers to boat design questions. 00
32Voyage for Madmen, APeter Nichols330bNine men set out to race each other around the world. Only one made it back. In 1968, nine sailors set off on the most daring race ever held: to single-handedly circumnavigate the globe nonstop. It was a feat that had never been accomplished and one that would forever change the face of sailing. Ten months later, only one of the nine men would cross the finish line and earn fame, wealth and glory. For the others, the reward was madness, failure, and death.00
27Wiring Manual, Boatowner'sCharles Wing312bA user friendly, practical manual for all onboard elecrical projects - from fixing loose connections to rewiring the entire boat. Simple, clear and abundantly illustrated, it is the keyto understanding and customising all aspects of a boat's electrical systems.00
16World of My Own, ARobin Knox-Johnston244bThe first ever non-stop solo round the world voyage. On Friday 14 June 1968 Suhaili, a 32-foot ketch built of teak in India,slipped almost unnoticed out of Falmouth harbour. Ten and a half month later Suhaili, painwork peeling and rust streaked, her once white sails weathered and brown, sailed triumphantly back to Falmouth to a fantastic reception.00
10Yacht Design According to PerryRobert H. Perry280bA fascinating journey through the world of boats from the yacht designer whoi invented "performance cruising". Bob's personal look at the benchmark yacht designs of his prolific 34-year career.00
18Yacht Design, Principles ofLars Larsson & Rolf E Eliasson302bThis book examines every aspect of the process of yacht design. Throughout the book the authors have used a newly designed 40-footer to demonstrate the practical application of yacht design theory.00
35Yacht Navigator's Handbook, TheNorman exceedingly useful reference book for the navigator. The answers to nearly all the navigational problems that face an owner or skipper, from what instruments to choose, to where to site them, what errors to look for, and how to correct them, are set out clearly. A MUST for a boat's bookshelf. - Robin Knox-Johnston00
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