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26Boat ElectricsJohn Watney160bThe basic requirement is knowing how to maintain the electrics to minimise emergencies, but we must also know how to deal with them when they arise. As often as not, the repair is simple - if you know how to cope. All the principal boat electrical systems are described.00
31Boat Repair Manual, TheGeorge Buchanan312bThere are always things to do on a boat - and a cost of repairs and maintenance can present the owner with real problems. This book exposes the whole area of reapair work on boats ranging from yachts to catamarans, dinghies, tenders and motorboats. The detailed explanations and diagrams permit the amateur to aim for professional results and also to judge when a job is beyond his personal skills.00
6Boat Repairs, Do-it-yourselfJim Murrant192bHow to repair damage to your boat's hull, to the rigging and the mast, and how to deal with steering and winch problems. Preventive maintenance for pumps and plumbing, and how to identify and repair engine and electrical faults. Techniques for welding, working with woodm stainless steel andfiberglass. Illustrations of marine equipment.00
37Cruising Rigs and RiggingRoss Norgrove322bHow to choose the best rig for a particular vessel. Details of spar construction, sail arrangement, standing and running rigging and fittings of all kinds, all the way down to installing radio antennas and lightning rods where they won't interfere with rigging. The nuts and bolts are all here.00
34Illustrated Dictionary of Nautical Terms, TheGraham Blackburn349bAn illustrated reference to nautical terms with more than 2500 alphabetical entries, often cross-referenced. Includes names, terms, parts, and expressions of and relating to the sea and the vessels that sail it.00
17Marine Diesel EnginesNigel Calder153bMaintenance, troubleshooting, and repair. Be your own diesel mechanic. If you own a small marine diesel engine that you depend on - at least occasionally - to start in a timely fashion and to push your sail or power boat in the desired direction for the desired period of time, this book was written for you.00
25Metal Corrosion in BoatsNigel Warren224bCorrosion is a very real threat to safety at sea that can cause instant catastrophe. This book covers the many metals used inc construction and fittings on smaller boats, different types of corrosion and the behaviour of these metals in various combinations and corrosive conditions. The prevention of metal corrosion in hulls, engines, rigging and fittings is described.00
40Nautical Terms, The Facts on File Dictionary ofThompson Lenfestey541bThe sea embraces a wide variety of disciplines each with its own unique assortment of terms and usages. These terms differ not only from vessel to vessel, whether iron or fiberglass, sail or diesel, but between the trades in which they sail. A wealth of information, much of which is not easily found even in professional publications.00
36Ocean Sailing Yacht, TheDonald M. Street, Jr.703bA truly encyclopedic work. Anyone interested in boats and the sea would profit by reading it - and keeping it aboard. It should be required reading for anyone contemplating either the purchase or outfitting of such craft, before venturing offshore. - Carleton Mitchell00
33Propeller HandbookDave Gerr152bThe Complete Reference for Choosing, Installing and Understanding Boat Propellers - Why won't your engine reach top rated RPMs? - Why is your propeller shaft vibrating? - Why doesn't your boat reach claimed speed? - Will changed propeller pitch be better? - Is a square wheel pitch best? - Is a folding prop best for your purposes? Should you choose a two-, three-, or four-bladed propeller?00
39SailsJeremy Howard-Williams409bThe book examines the use and care of sails from almost every aspect which could be required by owners, crews, helmsmen and amateur or professional sailmakers alike, including discussionon the influence and effects of the IOR on sails.00
1Shipshape, The Art of Sailboat MaintenanceFerenc Mate416bThe complete, step-by-step manual of sail-boat maintenance. The fourty-three chapters cover everything from hauling out, to upkeep and repair of sailboats and their equipment.00
27Wiring Manual, Boatowner'sCharles Wing312bA user friendly, practical manual for all onboard elecrical projects - from fixing loose connections to rewiring the entire boat. Simple, clear and abundantly illustrated, it is the keyto understanding and customising all aspects of a boat's electrical systems.00
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